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Top 5 Books: Dating & Relationships

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

[Review] Avid Reader, Sangita Patel, lists her favorite books for dating with purpose.

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If you want to get better at something, you need to learn about it. Thus, to have healthy relationships, it is important to be growing in healthy ways. I have found books as a source of knowledge with instrumental tips to implement in my life. Listed below are my top five books that I recommend to those in the dating world or seeking to create a thriving relationship. They contain real value in understanding the concepts of finding love in the modern world and awakening a certain self-awareness to achieve success and have better dating experiences.

"If you want to get better at something, you need to learn about it."

1) How To Get a Date Worth Keeping By Dr. Henry Cloud Amazon Link:

Must read for everyone. It helped me to stick to my standards and get unstuck in my dating life, be more selective than before and active in the dating world. It is about understanding the journey. It helped me understand me and what to look for in a man. Helpful tips on being yourself, dropping the hanky (childish games), how to make your intentions known, and getting over my type. It's a must have guide to navigate the modern dating world while protecting yourself from unnecessary pain and grief. A real eye opener with lot of ah-ha moments.

2) Mars and Venus on a Date: A Guide for Navigating the 5 Stages of Dating to Create a Loving and Lasting Relationship Amazon Link:

It helped me understand the different stages of dating and not to jump "stages.” It gave me awareness to avoid the pitfalls to move along the process smoothly. It was a deep reading and required me to sit and think about my blind spots. This book was transformational to help me understand how to create a thriving and fun relationship. Most women want to jump from stage one to jump into the possibility of getting married, without realizing that you need to be patient in the dating process.

3) Boundaries in Dating Amazon Link:

For me, this book was all about setting clear and strong boundaries to prevent myself from getting emotionally injured/hurt. It helped me learn to set these boundaries in diverse types of relationships. I felt better equipped to navigate the dating process, with keeping my heart intact. This book is great for married couples too! It encourages you to dig deeper into your history. Boundaries goes back to examining your childhood and looking back at “wounds.” In reflecting those childhood boundaries or lack of them, you can find ways to change your behavior moving forward and not make the same mistakes that lead to pain.

4) How We Love Amazon Link: It is a big book; it is complicated, and it is very deep. The book is about attachment theory and love styles. It is about discovering your love style, whether dating or applying to your marriage. It is about two people's love styles and how we can work with that to create a healthy bond/connection. Two people can have two different love styles for example a Vacillator and Pleaser and both can find ways to create a Secure Connector love style. The book is about attachment theory. Attachment is about how people connect. You want to be attached for the right reasons not because you are lonely. Date emotionally available and healthy people.

5) The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts Amazon Link: It's a fantastic book for everyone. It is so much fun to read. It helps us communicate with our partner about “how we want to be loved” and understand their love styles. It is a fun, light, easy read to learn to express your needs. To me, it helped me understand my needs in diverse ways. When I read it, I understood what "I need" in a partner, my love languages, and how we express ourselves to each other on “how to be loved.” My love language is "Acts of Service"-- I want a doer, not a sweet talker. If my man fixes stuff around the house, quality time together, touching, receiving gifts. These are ways I feel secure in a relationship. Everyone is so different; I highly recommend this fun read.


Managing Editor Ms. Sangita Patel is a professional marketeer, brand evangelist, and a prolific writer on diverse topics. She has lived in three continents: South Asia, The United Kingdom, and North America. Sangita is a devoted Christian who volunteers in various ministries at her local mega church in Southern California. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, golf, hiking, healthy cooking, creating recipes from scratch, attending farmers market, and socializing with family and friends. She is looking forward to meeting a professional, Godly Christian man with a big, beautiful heart who is kind and cares about Kingdom work. She is working on her first book which is her story and testimony on how she became a believer.


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