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My type: I am attracted to nerds.

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Q&A with a 42 year old dating in S.F. that finds smart men sexy.

How do you define a "Nerd"?

Someone that is really smart, typically in the field of Technology. They are able to create something from nothing. They are entrepreneurial and innovative. Men with vision excite me! The process of taking a concept to reality, to the next level, and possibly Nasdaq is sexy. I am attracted to the nerd's brilliant mind...(pause)...but the heart is important too.

What is it like dating a nerd? Nerds are very logical and not always connected to their emotions. In my experience, dating CEOs/Leaders, they are usually married to their work. The time invested on their projects can be a downside to a relationship. Compatibility and having intellectual conversations is something I seek out, but emotional intimacy is a must to be in a solid relationship. I met a guy at a tech conference and dated him for 3 years. I was attracted to all the nerd-attributes mentioned, but he was not able to commit. He was driven to grow his business-- thus, his work responsibilities were a stronger priority than our relationship. I couldn't read his mind, but understood that his focus was keeping his company stakeholders happy. So it ended. Where can someone meet a nerd?

Haha! Everywhere. You can find them online. Some of them lack social skills, so I think the internet is a comfortable space (for them) to initiate a date. Professional networks and trade conferences are a fun way to engage with nerds and see where their passions lie.

“I'm a cool nerd. I am able to share my brains and heart.”

Are you a nerd? I'm a cool nerd. I am able to share my brains and heart. That's the thing: being able to meet your partner 1/2 way and give them the respectable time to meet each other's needs is vital. I am very vocal and honest; however you need to be able to listen in a relationship too.

Moving forward, what are you looking for-- besides nerd qualities?

I'm realizing a normal guy would be nice. Someone emotionally available. A 'good person' with a healthy upbringing. Match, eHarmony... that's where I am going. I have friends that have met their husbands there. If I can find someone that has balance in their work/life, they can be present in a serious relationship, and there is a heart and head connection-- that's a winner!

“I'm realizing a normal guy would be nice.”

Guest Profile Jules is a Marketing Executive focused in the beauty industry. She loves happy hour with friends and yoga on the weekends. She is a world traveler, with a passion for social justice. She believes technology can be a source of tremendous potential to help overcome some of the greatest societal challenges. She volunteers in her community, gives back when she can, and dreams of becoming a philanthropist one day.

Instagram: @findmetheone.stories


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