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Funny is cute, but don't be weird.

Q&A with a 33 year old that almost dumped a guy because of his truck.

Where did you meet this guy?

I met him on Match. We connected quickly through messenger and it didn't take long before we scheduled a first date. We decided to meet at a restaurant that was 'in between' us. It was instant chemistry when we met. I really liked his sense of humor and I was attracted to him. He had a good job in Marketing promoting artists and was managing a special exhibit on large elephant sculptures. That first date lasted 4 hours because we were having such a great time with each other.

We excitedly made plans for a second date to go bowling. Because I felt comfortable with him and didn't get weirdo-vibes, I was fine with giving him my home address when he offered to pick me up. He told me that he would be at my house around 5pm.

... because I felt comfortable with him and didn't get weirdo-vibes, I was fine with giving him my home address when he offered to pick me up.

Was your date late picking you up? No. He was on time. At exactly 5 pm I hear this obnoxious trucking horn. I live in a quiet area so the deafening sound was impossible to ignore throughout my neighborhood.

After 5 annoying honks I decided to go outside and see what was the commotion. I look down the block and I see this massive commercial cargo truck, colorfully painted with elephants all over it like it's part of a circus. The truck honks again, and I see my date in the driver's seat with a huge smile waving towards me, shouting out the window "Stacey! Stacey! Hop on in!"

At this point my neighbors are coming out of their house, just as irritated. I was mortified and honestly freaked out he was going to continue blowing his horn. It was like getting picked-up from the movie's Dumb & Dumber dog van. Did you see that movie?

Dumb and Dumber (New Line Cinema)

<Starts Googling> Oh! Haha. Yikes! What did you do?

I quickly grabbed my stuff and ran to the corner, and literally climbed into his truck (it was lifted high up). Apparently the truck was so wide that he had to park at the intersection, because the streets were too narrow to drive down. He was giggling and I was speechless. I didn't want to seem b*tchy, so I just rolled with it, but I honestly don't know why he decided to drive this ridiculous truck on a date.

He was giggling and I was speechless.

Unfortunately on the way to the bowling alley, I got a text from my brother that my grandmother had a stroke and my family was rushing to the hospital to be with her. I didn't think twice and said "I have to go home" explaining the emergency. He dropped me off back home and 3 days pass. I was hoping to get a text or call from him, checking-in to see how my grandma was doing but I didn't hear from him... that turned me off.

Did you eventually go on another date with him? Yes, we met up at the beach for a casual lunch. He was nice, cute, and funny. However, I just couldn't get over the fact he didn't have any sympathy to call me while my Grandma was in the hospital. I'm guessing he was trying to give me space. Deep down, I really wanted to be with someone that has a more caring personality.

We never went on a third date. I told him "I'm not over my ex." It was the most effective way to get him off my back from asking me out again. That's how I usually break up with guys.

His lack of compassion stung me, so I was not interested in giving him another chance.


Guest Profile Stacey is a Fashion Retail Buyer in California. She likes golfing and hiking with friends. She likes the convenience of online dating, but feels like it's hard to find a guy that truly wants to settle down around her age. Finding a partner with a selfless heart is most important to her. Having money is great but it isn't everything.

Instagram: @findmetheone.stories


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