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Our Secret: We met on Plenty of Fish

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Q&A with a couple that's ashamed to admit where they met online.

Why are you ashamed that you met on the dating app "Plenty of Fish" (POF)?

Frank: It's a hook-up site from what I was told. I was previously divorced, and I had no interest to date long-term. My friend told me that I can find girls on that website that are DTF (down to f****). Amy: That's disgusting. Haha... I was looking for something serious. But in all honesty, I am an easy-going person, and if there's chemistry-- I would be open to sex on the 1st date. So you were both looking for something different? Frank: Yes. On our first date, we met somewhere casual for lunch. I thought she was cute and as we started talking, I realized she was cool too. It was easy talking to her & that's what I liked. Amy: I got lucky though. I had been dating for 2 years straight & couldn't find the perfect 'package' (looks, job, personality). I immediately knew after meeting him, I was going to marry him. How did you know he/she was "the one"?

Frank: I didn't think she was the one after meeting. I was just looking to get laid! Coming out of a terrible divorce, left me uninterested in entering a relationship. I was emotionally drained & untrusting of a woman's intentions. However, after dating Amy for a year-- I knew she was special & sweet. I was just not ready to fully commit for a long time. Amy: Our love story is not a fairytale. We broke up when I realized he was not open to getting married. Thus we dated on & off for 3 years.

“I didn't think she was the one after meeting. I was just looking to get laid! ”

Then you decided to get married, what changed?

Frank: I realized my life was better with her in the picture. She's my best friend.

Amy: I think most women want to get swept off their feet by a guy/partner. We all want to feel wanted. It took him long enough to realize 'I was a catch.' Sometimes the luck of a successful relationship is all about timing.

Your story seems to have a happy ending. Are you embarrassed to share that you met online? Frank: Well, I don't feel comfortable with the perception of meeting my wife on a site with a DTF reputation. I usually lie, and say we met on Match.

Amy: I honestly don't care what people think. The fact is, at that time, I was on EVERY dating website: Match, eHarmony, & Plenty of Fish. I am glad I never settled & we found each other!


Guest Profile Frank is in his mid-50's, he's a Doctor that thought he had no time for dating or interest to get remarried... until Amy came along. Amy is in her early-40's, she's a school teacher and enjoys being social with friends. Their common interests are cycling and spending time at the beach. The secret to their happy relationship: honesty & great sex.

Instagram: @findmetheone.stories


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